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Guide for sophisticated vegetarian dining

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Every city has its pockets of coolness. (Austin, my hometown, is so darn hip it only has pockets of un-coolness.) 

Oklahoma City has Deep Deuce, a historically black neighborhood close to downtown that’s now full of interesting restaurants, sleek new apartments, and the hipsters and young professionals who like such things.

The Wedge in Deep Deuce serves vegetarian and vegan pizza. In any other city, this would be unremarkable. But in OKC, headquarters of the Sonic chain, I think it’s worth pointing out all spots where you can get veggie food.

The Wedge’s open space has a chill urban vibe:

There’s also a patio with plenty of shade and a small garden in the front where they grow some of the veggies they serve:

In addition to pizzas, The Wedge has a good selection of salads and starters. The Wedge Trio, which features artichoke hearts, hummus, and tapenade served with flatbread, is full of veggies and veggie protein.

Of course, the pizza is the main event. And while it’s off menu, The Wedge has cashew cheese. I built my own pizza with spiced walnuts, pine nuts, figs, and pears and cashew cheese in place of the dairy stuff.

The cashew cheese here is much better than the Daiya cheese used for vegan pizzas at other places. And the combination of nuts and fruits on my pie was delicious. They also offer the Vedge, a veggie pizza, and a pizza with truffle oil and mushrooms.

Our waiter said they don’t always have the cashew cheese on hand, so it may be better to call ahead if you’re vegan.

You can’t have a cool neighborhood without upscale pizza…it’s a bonus that The Wedge caters to vegetarians and vegans as well as it does.










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